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HD107S 2020 LED Display

Customer used HD107S 2020 addressable LEDs to make one big transparent led display, looks great! (Newstar is the orginal IC factory, they named NS107S, we bought their 107S IC to make LEDs, so named “HD107S”)HD107S 2020 transparent led display video

About HD107s, APA102, APA107 and SK9822

Do you know the difference of APA102, APA107,HD107s and SK9822? APA102: 20+ kHz PWM. APA107: 9 kHz PWM. HD107s: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107). SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM. Newstar study the APA107/HD107S based on APA102 technology, so APA107 and HD107S is same protocol with APA102, same pcb/same controller, can replace APA102 directly. And APA107 is better than SK9822, but almost same cost. HD107S is much better APA102, but the cost is cheaper. HD107s pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and transmission rate [...]

HD107S LED details

HD107s pixel RGB led used Newstar’s IC(NS107S), so we named “HD107S”, PWM refresh rate 27kHz, Oscillator Frequency 40MHz. Brief of HD107s  LED 1, Althrough it is DC5V input, but it almost same voltage drop with 12V pixel led strip, 30leds/m HD107S 7m no voltage drop. 2, It is the fastest digital pixel led HD107s -it is a update of apa102 led, which is Absolutely a best perfect pixel led to  replace  APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822, because it is much more stable and faster and energy saving . 3, And HD107s LED [...]

HD107S LEDs compare APA102 LEDs

  According to Paul Stoffregen’s Articles on December 6, 2017December 7, 2017, we know the APA102 LEDs strips have the problem at 24 MHz, usually after 150 to 250 LEDs. But why?  Here’s his attempt to investigate:One tempting explanation is signal quality problems due to horribly messy unterminated wiring carrying high speed signals, as in this photo! But it turned out to be a more fundamental timing problem.In this test, a Teensy 3.2 runs the FastLED “Cylon” example with this line:LEDS.addLeds<APA102,11,13,RGB,DATA_RATE_MHZ(24)>(leds,NUM_LEDS);NUM_LEDs was set to [...]