About HD107s, APA102, APA107 and SK9822

Do you know the difference of APA102, APA107,HD107s and SK9822?
APA102: 20+ kHz PWM.
APA107: 9 kHz PWM.
HD107s: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107).
SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM.
Newstar study the APA107/HD107S based on APA102 technology, so APA107 and HD107S is same protocol with APA102, same pcb/same controller, can replace APA102 directly.
And APA107 is better than SK9822, but almost same cost. HD107S is much better APA102, but the cost is cheaper.

HD107s pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and transmission rate 40MHZ
Apa107 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 9KHZ and transmission rate 30MHZ
New Taiwan APA102 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 26KHZ and transmission rate 30MHZ. (after Newstar tested, new APA102 is really bad product.)
Apa102C (made in china ) (fake apa102, seems SK9822)
sk9822 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 4.7KHZ and transmission rate 15MHZ (clone old APA102).

Below picture is 60LEDS HD107S and APA102 LED Strip, we set white color for bother led strip.
So you can see the APA102 LED strip, after 1.5m the LEDs is beginning turn to red, no signal transfered, so really high voltage drop. For HD107S led strip, all 5m work well, one the end with a little voltage drop, but signal was still transfered.

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