HD107S LEDs for MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center

Reinventing the Classic MIDI Router

A fresh approach: featuring one button routing for each physical input and output, RGB HD107S LEDs, and OLED graphical display, everything can be easily setup without a PC. It will be the centerpiece of your studio!

Massive MIDI I/O: 11 inputs and 17 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks in both flavors, 4 USB host ports (with 4 virtual ports each), and a USB client (PC or tablet) connection with 12 MIDI ports. With clock source, CV clock out, filtering and MIDI effects. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for!

MRCC provides all the connectivity options you need. Shown here with USB MIDI devices (NDLR, NanoKontrol and KeyStep) being hosted on MRCC’s USB host ports, classic 5 PIN Din connections (Volca) and trendy 3.5MM TRS MIDI (Circuit, SQ-1, 0-Coast).

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