12*6mm Flat Silicone Neon SPI HD107S led Neon flex

12*6mm Flat Silicone Neon SPI HD107S led Neon flex

HD107s pixel LED chip adopt Newstar’s IC to keep long lifespan, top quality/most stable/fastest run speed.

What is HD107S LEDs?
Upgrade of APA107, Newstar is the original IC factory, it is same protocol with APA102, same PCB, same controller, but performance is much better than APA102, also with much better price.
PWM refresh rate: 27kHz, Oscillator frequency: 40Mhz.

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12*6mm flat HD107S 60pixel Neon flex

1, IC Model: Newstar’s 107S IC chip;
2, Available Color: RGB
3, Input Voltage: 5V DC
4, Power/m: 18W
5, Working Mode: SPI(APA102/HD107S)
6, LED Type: SMD5050
7, LED Qty / meter: 60pcs
8, Cutting Unit: each one LED is cuttable
9, Cutting Length: 16.67mm
10, Pixel Qty/m: 60 Pixels
11, Max Length Single Feed: 3m
15, Material: Silicon tube
13, Silicon tube Size: H12*W6mm
14, Waterproof rating: IP67
15, Bending direction: Side
16, Beam Angle: 120°
17, Min Bending: 80mm
18, Installation Temp.: 0°C-55°C
19, Ambient Temp.: -25°-55°
20, Control: DMX, Pixel, Madrix…
21, Gray Scale: 256;
22, Warranty: 3 years;
23, Certification: CE & RoHS;

1) Building decoration
2) Car decoration
3) Amusement park and theater lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement lighting and decoration


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