3mm Rigid PCB 250leds/m addressable HD107S-2020 Pixel LED Strips

3mm Rigid PCB 250leds/m addressable HD107S-2020 Pixel LED Strips

HD107s pixel LED chip adopt Newstar’s IC to keep long lifespan, top quality/most stable/fastest run speed.

What is HD107S LEDs?
Upgrade of APA107, Newstar is the original IC factory, it is same protocol with APA102, same PCB, same controller, but performance is much better than APA102, also with much better price.
PWM refresh rate: 27kHz, Oscillator frequency: 40Mhz.

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3mm 250leds/m HD107S-2020 Pixel LED strips Specification:

1, IC Model: Newstar’s 107S IC chip;
2, LED Type: 2020 SMD LED;
3, LED Quantity: 250LEDs/m
4, Pixels Qty:250Pixels/m;
5, Pitch: 25LEDs—4mm(1000/250);
6, Power: 250LEDs—25w/m;
7, IP Grade: IP20 non-waterproof; IP65 silicon glue waterproof, IP67 silicon tube waterproof
8, PCB color: Silver PCB;
9, FPCB board Dimensions: 3mm width, 2.0mm thickness;
10, Emitting Color: digital full color RGB, can be adjusted;
11, Standard Operating Voltage: DC 5V input;
12, Cuttable: Every LED can be cuttable.
13, Package: 1m/pcs, two side with JST connector. (can be customzied in small size)
14, View angle: 120 degree;
15, Gray Scale: 256;
16, Warranty: 3 years;
17, Controller: SP105e, K-1000C, SD card controller, DMX controller, Ardunio and others, etc…

1) Addressable HD107S LED Strips;
2) 5VDC power requirement ( recommend 4.4VDC, do not exceed 5.6VDC) – no polarity protection
3) Long life span 50,000+ hours;
4) Super bright HD107S 2020 SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability;
5) Absolutely addressable, each IC built inside a SMD2020-RGB LED;
6) HD107S has 4 Wires input and output: Data x1, Clock x1, GND x1 and 5V x1;
7) One led one cut;
8) PWM 27KHz/m, Data transmit up to 40Mbps, 256 grayscale effect;
9) 1 integrated RGB LEDs per segment, Each IC control one led, individual controllable;

> It is widely used for indoor decoration, signs, back lighting and led lighting, etc.
> Waterproof LED strips for furniture decorating
> The product has bright colors, high visibility and more visual appeal. Widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, product model lighting decoration, game lighting decoration, speaker lighting decoration, entertainment places, bar backlight, ceiling backlight, LED light box, LED light, aquarium products, car decoration, etc.

V+: Power output. Typically 5V but up to 12V supported for LEDs that require it. Required if powering via USB or the onboard power jack. But can be left disconnected if power is connected elsewhere.
GND: Common ground. Even if not using USB or the power jack on the AllPixel for power, this connection is required so that the DATA and CLK pins have a ground reference.
CLK: The clock pin for chipsets that require clocked data. Refer to the table below to know if your chipset requires it.
DATA: The pixel data output pin and required by all chipsets.

Basically, all chipsets will either have 3 or 4 connections. 2 are always for ground and power. If there are 3 total wires, only DATA is required but if there are 4 wires, both DATA and CLK are required.

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