Addressable HD107S 72pixels led tape with clock data


  • HD107S is the updated APA107, and replace original taiwan APA102.(now the APA102 in the market is SK9822)
  • The fastest digital RGB pixel led chip HD107S with PWM refresh rate 27kHZ and transmission rate 40MHZ.
  • original IC developer is NEWSTAR
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  • PWM refresh rate:27kHz, (apa102 with PWM frequency20KHZ,apa107with9KHz,sk9822 with 4.7kHZ,sk6812/ws2811 with 800HZ only)
  • HD107s with  40M bps transmission speeed(apa102 has 20M bps, sk9822 has 2M bps ,sk6812/ws2812B has 800K bps only)
  • HD107S with Date Rate 40MHZ( Oscillator Frequency)
  • HD107S LED with less voltage drop and one roll(5meters)can be powered with one power input without color difference, so the 5m long voltage drop problem is solved
  • The HD107s LED is low consumptionand high energy saving ,(with Built-in dormancy Mode inside)
  • The HD107sled lights up looks like linear lighting ,large lighting beam
  • CLK+Data double wire transfer.


1 meter led strip Specifications

ModelHD107SLed Type5050 RGB Full Color
Led QTY72leds/MPixel TypeHD107S, the upgrade of APA107
IC QTY72pcs/MVoltageDC5V
Power23W/MPCB Width10mm
PCB ColorWhite/BlackPackageStandard 5M as a roll
WaterproofIP20/IP65/IP67/IP68Installation3M Glue tape

Note, the above optical parameters, models X represents optionally, color, water level, the index display. Etc., please indicate clearly when ordering.

Light decay parameters test the ambient temperature of 25 degrees plus or minus 3 degrees

testing timelight fades rate

Note, due to the particularity LED product manufacturing process, technical parameters above reflect only the statistics ,do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each product, the product may differ from the actual parameters of the above parameters


  • City skyline lighting villas advertising wall signs Christmas ( , , decorative landscape)
  • Irregular design of body decoration (shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, polygonal wall KTV
  • establishments ceiling cavity design)
  • Public lighting lighting (schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, subway stations, railway stations)
  • Furniture dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, etc.)
  • Automotive beauty (body, underbody, wheelbarrow balanced car, etc.)

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