ArtNet sACN Ethernet-SPI/DMX HD107S pixel light controller

  This Ethernet-SPI/DMX pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Ethernet signal into SPI pixel signal, which is designed for large project with high-density pixel light, such as matrix panel lights, construction’s contour lamp, etc. Besides converting Ethernet-based control protocols into various LED driving IC signal, it also outputs DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamp, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamp in the same project.

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Ethernet-SPI/DMX pixel light controller Specifications:

Working VoltageDC5-DC24VDC5-DC24V
Output Current7A X 4CH(Built-in 7.5A fuse)3A X 16CH(Built-in 5A fuse)
Input Ethernet control protocolArtNetArtNet
Output Control IC2811/2801/6803/3001/8806/9813 Series
Control Pixels680/Pixels X 4CH340/Pixels X 16CH
Output DMX512One port( 1 x512 channels  )Two port( 2 x512 channels )
Working Temp-20~55℃-20~55℃
Product DimensionL166×W110×H31(mm)L258×W145×H41(mm)

Ethernet-SPI/DMX pixel light controller Instruction of interface and ports:

Wiring instructions of SPI output port:

>To output LPD6803/LPD8806/P9813/WS2801 controlling signal , it required at least three lines :
DATA: 6803/8806/9813/2801 DATA
CLK: 6803/8806/9813/2801 CLK
GND: GND,connect with the chip GND
>To output WS2811/ TLS3001/TM1814/SK6812 controlling signal, it required at least two lines:
DATA: WS2811/ TLS3001 DATA
GND: GND,connect with the chip GND
>Connect the Lamps positive supply to the + of the SPI output ports.

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