SK6812 2020 200pixels Pixel LED Tape with 4mm PCB

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sk6812 2020 RGB LED is a small size Pixel micro built-in IC SMD, which has one SPI data and can be controlled by most SPI LED Controllers.

> 4mm width Super Narrow Flexible PCB 
> High density, 200pixels/m, individual addressable
> Each LED can be cuttable 
> 5mm Small pitch

Because the PCB is too small, we didn’t print the Pin Recognizing letters on the PCB


Product Name: SK6812 2020 200pixels Pixel LED Tape with 4mm PCB 
Item No.:NSS-6812MS200-5V
LED Source: SK6812-2020-RGB, 200pixels/m
PCB4mm white FPCB
IC Chip:SK6812 2020
Pins:3 Wires = 5V+, DATA, GND
View angle:170°  
Voltage & Power:DC 5V, 18w/m
Size:2000x4x1.5(mm), 2m/roll or according to your requirements
Controller:  SP105e, K-1000C, SD card controller, DMX controller, Ardunio and others, etc…

Packing: 1 meter/pcs

1 meter per roll or 2 meters per roll


  • Firstly: Individual controlable / addressable / programmble
  • Secondly: High density, 200 pixels per meter
  • Thirdly: Mini Size, 4 mm white FPCB 
    Lastly: Small picth, 5 mm pitch
200 Pixels LED Strips
SK6812 2020 RGB Mini Size LED
FPCB width is 4mm

Wiring Diagram:

We have two versions of the SK6812 200pixels LED strips, one is 3mm FPCB, and the other one is with 4mm PCB

Features of the SK6812-2020-RGB LEDs:

The appearance of the LED sk6812-2020-RGB

SK6812 2020 LEDs is an intelligent externally controlled LED light source that integrates a control circuit and light-emitting circuit; its appearance adopts the latest molding packaging technology, and the IC and light-emitting chip are packaged in a 2020 package size. It is a pixel; the pixel contains an intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping and amplifying drive circuit, as well as a high-precision internal oscillator and a programmable constant current control part, which effectively ensures that the color of the pixel light is highly consistent.

The data protocol adopts the single-line return-to-zero code communication method. 
Port scanning frequency up to 2KHz, no flicker phenomenon will appear under the capture of the high-definition camera, very suitable for high-speed movement Use of the product; RESET time of more than 280μs, the interruption will not cause a false reset, can support lower frequency, cheap MCU; LED has low voltage drive, environmental protection, and energy-saving, high brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency, The advantages of ultra-low-power and ultra-long life. By integrating the control circuit on the LED, the circuit becomes simpler, the volume is smaller, and the installation is easier.

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