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Why we need high PWM for the pixel led strip?

Why we need high PWM for the pixel led strip? When we learn the IC chip specs, we always note there are two important rates, one is named refresh rate, another important parameter is PWM rate. These two above rates can be important in certain venues, such as broadcast activity. Considering on there are many version IC chips for LED series products like UCS2904,WS2812b, APA107, HD107S,DMX512 etc, today let’s talked these two rates concepts in context. Refresh rate can be a confusing [...]

Why need to add Power Injection for the addressable LED Strip?

Why need to add Power Injection for the addressable LED Strip? When we offer the power to the led strips, you always can see the brightness is dimmer than the leds near to the power supply when the led strips are more than 3m length, especially for 5m length . If for the high density pixel led strips like 144m pixels led strips, you can see the different brightness more than 1.5m length. This dimmer on LEDs, we always called voltage [...]

Different DMX512 IC, compare TM512AC and UCS512C4

Many customer has doubts on the TM512AC and UCS512C4 DMX512 IC, and we have some customers complained the UCS512C4 DMX512 RGBW led strip which gamma curve of only 1.0 with which is a linear progression between brightness and DMX Value and with 8 bits of data for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.Now there is another DMX512 IC chip that have same pin definition with UCS512C4, but with higher gama curve correction like gama of 1.0/2.0/2.2/2.5 with 16 bits of data [...]

which pixel led strip is the best choice? To compare different IC

For different application, we discussed the Gamma curve of IC chips on digital pixel LED tapes. Considering on the IC chip is sheer volume in the variety, so we collating the various parameter values like Gamma curve of value and other parameters of these IC chips to help customers to choose the suitable products.Specs of various Pixel Digital IC chips: Product Gamma curve Resolution  Gray level   PWM Rate  Signal  Clock Type  Channel Qty   RGB   RGBW  APA102  1.0  8 bits  256  19KHZ  SPI  CLK, DATA 3   Yes APA107  1.0  8 bits  256  9KHZ  SPI  CLK, DATA 3   Yes GS8206  1.0  8 bits  256   8.0KHZ  SPI  Double DATA  3    Yes GS8208  1.0  8 bits  256   8.0KHZ  SPI  Double DATA  3    Yes GS8512  2.2 / [...]

DMX512 IC model “TM512AC”

 When you scan our web that you can find our 90% DMX512 led tapes are the UCS512 version, especially for the DMX512 RGBW LED tapes are the UCS512C4 series. But  UCS512C4 version have an obviously shortcoming that is low bit which is only 8-bit gray scale and enhance gamma curve of 1.0 which is linear progression between brightness and DMX value for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.Today, we discussed another DMX IC named TM512AC, also known as DMX512 IC, was designed [...]