HD107S Customized Triangle LED Panel module

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  1. Each triangle smart light panels has 55pcs individually programmable HD107S 5050
  2. Multiple modules can be joint frameless
  3. Unlimited combination to generate numberous
  4. Smart LED panel dimension 167.2*193.2*1.6mm (L*H*Thickness) 


This addressable triangle LED light panel is to ease and accelerate the implementation of customized programmable LED lighting projects. The modular design of triangle light panel enable that lots of modules can be joint frameless, pixel interval remains the same, so the uniformity of final lighting effects will be excellent.

Unlimited flexible combination of modules make sure it can deliver numerous shapes of lighting effects on sites’ wall or ceiling. Creativity can come true easily.

Every triangle LED pixel panel is made of 55pcs individually programmable RGB LEDs, quiped with IC HD107S. The high PWM controllercan adjust 256 gray levels, totally generate 16,777,216 colors, compatible with all existing controllers on market, can easily DIY lighting effects by external controllers.

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