HD107S LED details

HD107s pixel RGB led used Newstar’s IC(NS107S), so we named “HD107S”, PWM refresh rate 27kHz, Oscillator Frequency 40MHz.

Brief of HD107s  LED

1, Althrough it is DC5V input, but it almost same voltage drop with 12V pixel led strip, 30leds/m HD107S 7m no voltage drop.

2, It is the fastest digital pixel led HD107s -it is a update of apa102 led, which is Absolutely a best perfect pixel led to  replace  APA102/APA102C/APA107/SK9822,
because it is much more stable and faster and energy saving .

3, And HD107s LED has the fastest Transmission speed and refresh Rate among all digital Pixel led ,,
-HD107s led has PWM refresh rate +27kHz (APA102 has 20KHZ, sk9822 has 4.7k HZ, APA107 9kHz)
– HD107s led has Max transfer speed 40M bps (APA102 has 30M bps, sk9822 has 2M bps , APA107 30Mbps)

4, It is also the most stable LEDs in the world, ultra low defect rate.

(You can see 144leds APA102 with high voltage drop, after the 30leds, signal is hard to tansfered. HD107S, only the end has a little change, but still white)

Advanatages of  HD107s LED
1, CLK+Data double wire transfer.
2, PWM refresh rate can be 27kHz (Apa has 20K HZ,sk9822 has 4.7k HZ,sk6812/ws2811 has 400 HZ only)
3, Max transfer speed is 40M bps (Apa has 20M bps ,sk9822 has 2M bps , sk6812/ws2811 has 800K bps only)
4, And HD107S with built-in sleep function, no work no electric consumption, very good for battery-powered application,
5,HD107s Led lights up more brightness ,large lighting beam,,
6, 8bit (256 gray scale) ,16bits(65536 gray scale) , optional
7, it has sleep mode -built in the chip ,it will rest and save eneygy when the controller not give any date ,it will not blink randomly ,

8,HD107s led has less voltage drop than apa102/apa107, can make 5m long per strip with one power input ,no color mixed,

5M HD107S 60LEDs comare 5M APA102 60LEDs. For APA102, after 1.5m you can see obviously voltage drop, the LEDs no signal and turn red color. For HD107S, only a little voltage after 4m.

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